Angry 49ers Fan Watching Super Bowl: [Profanity]…[Profanity]…[Profanity] [VIDEO]

This video is so confusing. Why would 49ers fan be so fired up after the failed fake field goal that the Ravens tried to pull? Why wasn’t there a more celebratory mood in the room after this play?

Instead of being happy that his team made a stop he proceeded to drop countless obscenities and yell “We are gonna run you mother f—ers down.”

According to NFL.com:

Kicker Justin Tucker took the direct snap and headed around the left end. He was tackled out of bounds by cornerback Darcel McBath 1 yard shy of the first-down marker. The 49ers took over on downs.

The play marked the first fake field-goal try in Super Bowl history.

We’re still efforting video of this guy reacting to the no-call hold in the end zone.

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