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Angry 49ers Fan Watching Super Bowl: [Profanity]…[Profanity]…[Profanity] [VIDEO]

This video is so confusing. Why would 49ers fan be so fired up after the failed fake field goal that the Ravens tried to pull? Why wasn’t there a more celebratory mood in the room after this play?

Instead of being happy that his team made a stop he proceeded to drop countless obscenities and yell “We are gonna run you mother f—ers down.”

According to

Kicker Justin Tucker took the direct snap and headed around the left end. He was tackled out of bounds by cornerback Darcel McBath 1 yard shy of the first-down marker. The 49ers took over on downs.

The play marked the first fake field-goal try in Super Bowl history.

We’re still efforting video of this guy reacting to the no-call hold in the end zone.

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