Super Bowl 2013 Link Dump — Ray Lewis Super Bowl Cleats, Niners Banjo Man and Kaepernick Doppleganger


After weeks of nothing but nonsensical analysis, Super Bowl Sunday has arrived. In a few hoours, we’ll all be tuned to the game, in the meantime, others are prepared to do battle with family members for the last chicken wing.

Ray Lewis has new Super Bowl cleats and shoe inserts with his career stats on them.

Ray Lewis Sock Liners

A Lombardi Trophy made out of meat and wrapped in bacon.


Grace Cathedral in San Francisco bathed in red for Niners. Priests dressed in red and gold vestments on Sun. Isn’t there a code against this?
Niners Cathedral

Cam Newton Out Rays Ray Lewis.

Banjo Man hangs with Busted Coverage in New Orleans.
49ers Banjo Man

A Kaepernick doppleganger sighted in New Orleans
Kaepernick Doppelganger

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