Cutline Elects Michael Strahan To Hall Of Fame, Voters Disagree


michael-strahan WTF

Former New York Giants‘ defensive end Michael Strahan will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame…someday, but not in 2013. When the Hall of Fame announced its new members on Saturday night, Strahan was passed over for Bill Parcells, Cris Carter, Larry Allen, Jonathan Ogden and Warren Sapp.
Senior inductees were Curley Culp and Dave Robinson.

Many people assumed the popular and talented Strahan, who holds the NFL single-season record for sacks (22.5), was a lock, especially whoever set this photo cutline up prior to the announcement of the actual Hall of Fame inductees.

Micahel Strahan Mistake Hall of Fame

New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan, here celebrating the Super Bowl XLII victory against the New England Patriots in February 2008, has been elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility.

Oops. This sort of thing happens, of course. The writer correctly reports which players were elected in the story, though he does say Strahan was a linebacker. It’s a huge race between media channels to get the information out fastest for retweets and traffic and whatever, but knowing Strahan didn’t get in the Hall of Fame coupled with the look on his face makes this post a bit troll-icious to New York Giants’ fans.

Even without seeing this erroneous post, many fans were upset that Warren Sapp made the Hall of Fame and Strahan did not. They took to Twitter to hammer Sapp.

Sapp over Strahan? # GTFOH Oh well, at least Strahan isn't living under a bridge… #ZING @NFLRT

— PenguinBoy Manning (@2RangzManning) February 2, 2013

How did Sapp make it and Strahan didn't?? Sapp is an overrated douche, and Strahan owns a record! #ridiculous

— Triston Dacken (@TDacken) February 3, 2013

Complete garbage strahan doesn't get into the Hall and sapp does. #HOF #Giants #jokes

— Coach Conall (@ctmcnelis) February 2, 2013

Warren Sapp among seven voted into Hall of Fame – <- Strahan got shafted.

— Trill O'Reilly⚫️ (@TechAficionado) February 2, 2013

Michael Strahan had a better career than Warren Sapp and yet he did not get in #HOFStrahan

— Big Sal (@ss20bigtasty) February 2, 2013

@grosso915 sapp ain't worthy to hold strahans jock strap, joke that he got first ballot nod over strahan

— Daniel Murdoch (@itsCUmyson) February 2, 2013

How the hell did warren sapp get in over strahan

— Nick Grigs (@Nick_Grigs) February 3, 2013

how does sapp get in over strahan? strahan over 200+ tackles and 50+ Sacks w/ 2 super bowl appearances and a ring?? @nfl #screwed #snub #hof

— Allan Cepeda (@CepedaMLB) February 3, 2013

"@mjj256: "Yea Strahan def isn't a hof" says no one except sports writers @dbaer616 @mr_purp1e @" @dmendel305

— NysportspoliticsMJ (@mjj256) February 3, 2013

[H/T: @JoanneEason]

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