Sabres John Scott TKO’s Bruins Shawn Thornton In First Period Fight [VIDEO]


John Scott of the Buffalo Sabres laid an absolute beat-down on the Bruins Shawn Thornton in last nights game. Scott and Thornton, both known enforcers, didn’t wait long to drop the gloves for this one and got down to business moments after the face off.

The fight was over in less than :10 seconds but the damage was done. Scott landed 7-9 pretty solid blows while Thornton couldn’t even muster one.

Food for thought:

  • John Scott: 6′ 8″, 258 lbs.
  • Shawn Thornton: 6′ 2″, 217 lbs.

Thornton was visibly shaken as he stumbled to the penalty box. While in there he was muttering senseless nothings to Scott in the box next door. Thornton proceeded to go to the Boston locker room for the rest of the game for further medical attention.

It gets worse. The Bruins announced today that Thornton would be out 7-10 days with a concussion.

Don’t mess with John Scott.


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