Russell Westbrook Has Mini-Meltdown On Thunder Bench [VIDEO]


Wow, was last night a slow night in sports. Two NBA games, one decided by double digits, and a bunch of hockey. The most interesting thing we saw involved Thunder guard Russell Westbrook acting like an immature child after being called for a 5-second violation.

Yes, they actually call that in the NBA.

The Thunder were up 65-40, handing the Rudy Gay-less Grizzlies with ease. Westbrook started dribbling like a buffoon, going nowhere with the basketball (video below). The refs blew the whistle and Westbrook started yelling at teammate Thabo Sefolosha.

Coach Scott Brooks proceeded to take him out of the game. This is where the fun begins. He starts yelling, bobbing his head and threw some towels and stormed off to the locker room.

The post-game interview with Craig Sager was priceless too, make sure to stick with the above video until the end.

Despite this nonsense, the Thunder still won 106-89.

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