Patrick Willis, Frank Gore & Michael Crabtree Hit New Orleans Strip Club [VIDEO]


gore-crabtree-strip club

Our friends at TMZ have received exclusive video footage of three of the 49ers stars, Patrick Willis, Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree, hitting one of New Orleans’ top strip clubs. The venue of choice was the esteemed Penthouse Club on Bourbon Street.

Never heard of the Penthouse Club? This place is no joke. Something tells us that these guys splurged on the Executive Suite:

And for the ultimate party experience, may we recommend the Executive Suite, an exclusive VIP den with leather seating, 42″ plasma TV, and a private stage for the dancer, or dancers, of your choice. It is, quite simply, the very best way to experience the very best.

The media is going to go nuts over this story. Oh no! These guys are role models! They should be preparing for the Super Bowl!

Ease up everyone, it was only Thursday night, there is still plenty of time to prepare. Can’t hate on these guys for wanting to enjoy their time down in New Orleans.

Here is video footage of the three 49ers walking into the club:

Head over to TMZ for another video of the naughty trio leaving the hotel for further proof that it is in fact them.

[h/t TMZ]

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