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Gronk & Steven Ridley “Love” Bogies In Baton Rouge [PHOTOS]

You might’ve heard this afternoon that Rob Gronkowski and teammate Steven Ridley tore up Bogies bar last night in Baton Rouge. Our buddy Peter Burns (@peterburnsradio) added to the story by sending us the above photo of Gronk & Ridley sending out a special message for the night.

Gronk: “I love bogies – 69”

Ridley: “I love bogies bad ass bitches”

It’s unclear when the above photo was taken since Gronk went through a wardrobe change. It seems unlikely Gronk gets to Bogies very often so we’ll assume it was from last night.


As for the shirt Gronk was wearing, that’s the stripped shirt hanging on the wall. He obviously had no use for it once the ladies needed a grind partner.

Here’s our hero, before the real action started, getting a cold one.



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