Michael Phelps Hung Out With Phoenix Suns Dancers [PHOTOS]


Michael-Phelps-Suns-Dancers (1)

Michael Phelps is really enjoying retirement. We told you earlier he was playing in a pro-am golf tournament in Phoenix this week. After the sun went down he had to find something to keep him occupied so he headed to the US Airways Center to see the Suns take on the Lakers. After the game ended Phelps followed in Morgan Freeman’s footsteps and decided to hang out with the Suns dance team.

Michael-Phelps-Suns-Game (5)

Phelps has to be the happiest retired guy in history. He travels to exotic places like the Bahamas and…Phoenix, plays golf, poker and sits court-side at NBA games on a whim. Speaking of which, he saw a hell of a game. The Suns overcame a double digit deficit and beat the Lakers 92-86.

Oh, and he’s dating a glorified prostitute. What it must be like to be an Olympic gold medalist.

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