Jim McMahon Swagged Out At Phoenix Pro-Am Golf Tourney [PHOTOS]


Jim-McMahon (5)

Jim McMahon was turning heads again this week. This time it was at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. McMahon participated in the Annexus Pro-Am and lets just say was rocking quite the outfit.

Channeling his inner John Daly, McMahon wore the outfit of the day which included American flag pants and a visor complete with fake frosted tips.

Jim-McMahon (1)

There was a pretty stacked lineup of athletes participating. On top of McMahon, Ken Griffey Jr., Julius Erving, Michael Phelps and more were participating.

There was also a poker tournament after the golf action was done for the day, which explains Michael Phelps attendance.

McMahon’s team didn’t even come in the top five, but aren’t these pro-am tourney’s all about the fun? Just getting out there enjoying some golf in the Arizona sun?

McMahon, although he wasn’t photographed with any alcohol (I know right?!), looked like he did just that. He¬†out-dressed¬†everyone and reminded us why we love him.

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