Guy Shot In Eye During Robbery, Still More Upset Over CM Punk Loss [PHOTO, VIDEO]



Thomas Dotterer runs a liquor store outside of Syracuse, NY. Last Wednesday things got ugly at the store. A group of hoodlums broke in, robbed the store and shot the 77-year-old Dotterer in the eye.

Like a boss, Dotterer returned to the liquor less than a week later. WSYR-Syracuse headed over to Salina Liquors and Wine to talk to Dotterer about the incident. He seemed to be in good spirits for a guy who just got shot in the eye and was in the midst of a pretty standard post-tragedy interview. Then he said this:

That’s the worst thing that happened to me all week…The Rock beat Punk. You know that?!

Dotterer is referring to Sunday nights WWE Royal Rumble PPV event in which The Rock beat CM Punk for the WWE Championship. Dotterer, much like myself was unhappy about the outcome of the match, but you can bet your ass I’d be more focused on my eye than the outcome of the match.

THe reporter who broke the story, James Gaddis, took the liberty to tweet to CM Punk with the news.

Thomas-Dotterer-Tweet (1)

CM Punk retweeted and even responded to the tweet, further cementing his position as the coolest wrestler in the industry.

Thomas-Dotterer-Tweet (2)

Check out the full interview with Dotterer in the video below.

[h/t 9wsyr.comThe Clearly Dope]

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