Gronk Acting Like A Model Citizen At Super Bowl Radio Row [PHOTOS]

When word began to spread that Gronk was hitting New Orleans, naturally our ears perked up. Visions of him throwing beads to topless broads on Bourbon St. were flowing through our heads. We were having thoughts of him and Team Jizz Blaster pounding hurricanes until the sun came up.

Well so far, Gronk has done nothing but be a model citizen. He’s made the rounds to countless media outlets and done spots for everything from SportsCenter to local Boston radio shows.

Hell, one of the biggest stories of the day was when CBS reporter Will Brinson posted a photo of Gronk paying a kid $100 for a cup of lemonade.

The internet couldn’t get enough of it! They were going nuts. Gronk is such a great guy. What a nice gesture, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, it was a really nice move by Gronkowki but we’re still waiting patiently for tonight.

We want photos of Gronk unleashing all that he’s got on the French Quarter. Broken arm or not, the guy is bound to hit Bourbon Street hard tonight. Yes, we’ll be keeping an eye out for him.

Oh, and he picked the Ravens.


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Mirella Grisales — Breakout Eye Candy of Super Bowl Media Day [PHOTOS]
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