Chris Kaman Went Hog Hunting In Texas [PHOTOS]


Chris-Kaman-Hog-Hunting (1)

Add Chris Kaman to the list of athletes who have been enjoying the hunting season. Last night on Twitter Kaman sent out a message forewarning his followers that there might be some gore coming. The big fella went hog hunting!


The best part about this whole ordeal is that Kaman didn’t hold anything back. He shared everything, and I mean everything. From him kneeling over a hog corpse to a photo of a bloody hog’s mouth, nothing was left to the imagination.

Chris-Kaman-Hog-Hunting (2)

In other words, he didn’t flake out like Aaron Murray did when he went hog hunting.

The last few photos in this gallery are from a few months back. It looks like Kaman likes to partake in the occasional hog cleansing from his Texas property.


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