Roger Clemens Swagged Out At California Winter League [PHOTOS]


Roger-Clemens-Swag (2)

It’s been a while since we had an update on the Roger Clemens swag watch. He made an appearance at the California Winter League last week and, in true Clemens fashion was rocking some serious swag.

Lets run down the Clemens swag checklist:

  • Baggy plaid cargo shorts
  • Phone clip on the belt, front and center
  • White visor
  • Frosted tips
  • Backwards Oakley sunglasses
  • Tucked in polo shirt, shamelessly highlighting the beer belly

The last we heard from the Clemens was three weeks back when he released his ‘official’¬†Hall of Fame response via Twitter. Looks like the Rocket broke out of his hibernation and headed West to make an impression on some young baseball talent.

Check out this photo, in which Clemens appears to be wearing some sort of surfer-bro choker necklace.

Roger-Clemens-Swag (6)

After doing a little digging it appears that Roger’s son, Koby, is currently participating in the Winter League.¬†This could explain why Clemens is there in the first place. Either way, the young guns were excited to see him.

The guy is one step away from becoming a fashion icon. The ‘Don’t Sweat My Swag’ shirt was probably his best effort, but this one is strong. Keep it coming Rocket.

[Images via Topsy]

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