Morgan Freeman Hung Out With Ole Miss Cheerleaders Last Night [PHOTO]


Morgan-Freeman-Ole-Miss-Cheerleaders (1)

Look at Morgan Freeman using that Ole Miss VIP pass to his advantage. The one night all year where Oxford, MS is a college basketball destination, Morgan Freeman shows up, sits court side and hangs out with three cheerleaders after the game. The guy really is a legend.

At least George Stephanopoulos wasn’t calling the festivities for ESPN.

Can’t knock the old mans hustle. He went for an aggressive double arm wrap for the photo op while shamelessly staring at the girl under his right arm.

This just goes to prove that no matter how old he gets that voice is still a pantie-dropper.

BC favorite Marshall Henderson dropped 21 points, keeping pace with his SEC leading 19.2 points per game. However, he shot a lackluster 5-19 from the floor and 2-11 from three point range. Those type of numbers aren’t going to fly come March.

Kentucky pulled out an 87-74 victory, moving to 5-2 in the SEC.

Morgan-Freeman-Ole-Miss (5)

Morgan-Freeman-Ole-Miss (1)

Morgan-Freeman-Ole-Miss (2)

Morgan-Freeman-Ole-Miss (3)

Morgan-Freeman-Ole-Miss (4)

P.S. What the hell is that white glove Freeman is wearing on his left hand in the second photo. Is it a golf glove? Is he hiding some weird finger nail fungus? We want answers.

[h/t Sports Glory, birds_word Instagram]

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