LaMarcus Aldridge Drops Five Points In Crazy Final :11 To Beat The Mavs [VIDEO]


The Blazers were trailing by 3 points with :11 seconds on the clock. After a nicely drawn-up inbound play, LaMarcus Aldridge ended up with a corner three attempt. He threw it up with more confidence than he should’ve had, and obviously he nailed it.

The shot went in at the :4.5 second mark. Normally OT would be acceptable now. The game was tied 104-104 and all the momentum was in Portland’s favor. Aldridge wasn’t having any of it.

The Blazers got the ball back with :1.5 seconds on the clock and you just knew they were going back to their hot hand. Aldridge had a beautiful catch and shoot over Dallas forward Brandon Wright which hit nothing but net.

The Blazers won 106-104 courtesy of 5 points in :11 seconds from their all-star, LaMarcus Aldridge. It’s games like this that make me wonder why Joe hates the NBA so much.

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