Busted Coverage Live From Super Bowl XLVII – Ines Sainz Posing Next To Water Cooler

Welcome to another year of Busted Coverage invading the Super Bowl media week to cover the things that the other media outlets won’t cover. Of course you guys are watching ESPN, NFL Network, the Dan Patrick Show, Mike Francesa, etc. You’ve already overdosed on analysts breaking down the game.

What you aren’t getting from ESPN or Dan Patrick is coverage of the coverage. That’s where BC comes in over the next four days.

Day One: 

Is there a better way to get our Super Bowl week started than running into Ines Sainz in the Media Center?  Nope. The Media Center is a massive room with long tables where TV and print dorks hang out and file stories. It’s a rather boring place where boring white guys sit around looking miserable.

That’s why I took a seat behind Sainz. At least she’s interesting.

Then the Super Bowl media star decided it was time to pose next to an Aquafina water cooler. As you can see above, Sainz was sitting on the floor posing for her media team.

She posed with her iPad. She posed standing up. Her photographer snapped at least 10 photos. Then she went back to sitting around while her team edited video.

The white guys barely even noticed.

The Flight:

An $80 upgrade to first class landed me a seat from D.C. to New Orleans next to former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue (now 72) and Michael Wilbon.

Tags, as I now call him, didn’t particularly care for the turbulence. Wilbon, like the veteran he is, slept through it.

Odds & Ends:

The Asians asking Jerry Rice about how big of a moron that Randy Moss guy is.

• We’re told that you won’t be seeing big Hollywood stars like Adam Sandler doing his normal routine on Radio Row and on the major network sets due to production companies cutting back on expenses and their unwillingness to send private jets to NOLA.

That also means you probably won’t be seeing Kate Upton making the TV rounds. So sad.

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NSFW Pro Bowl Dancer Shows Off… Um… What The Hell Is That? [PHOTO]
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