The Last 25 Years Of Super Bowl Halftime Performances


It’s insane how far Super Bowl halftime shows have come in only 25 years. They used to be nothing but filler. Now? People (mostly women) lose their minds over the performance. They over-analyze it. They ask ¬†questions like is Beyonce going to lip sync? Is she going to wear her hair up or down?

Personally, we’d like to see the Super Bowl halftime shows of old. Sure, recent shows from The Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen have been great, but what we’d do to go back to 1989 or 1997.

Those were the days. In ’89 the NFL brought in an Elvis impersonator/magician named Elvis Presto to perform to the masses. In ’97 they brought in Dan Akroyd and the Blues Brothers. They used to call that entertainment.

Beyonce gets her shot at Super Bowl XLVII. She will eventually seem outdated in another 25 years. It’s just the evolution of the gig.

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