Kate Upton In Lingerie In New Black & White Photos

Kate-Upton-Sam-Edelman-Photos (2)

We’re always on the look out for new Kate Upton photos. The well has been dry as of late, so to speak. Sure she had the ZOO Magazine photos but we wanted to see more. These latest pics, which feature Upton modeling for Sam Edelman, show her in a mature, sexy light.

Although these aren’t the best photos we’ve ever seen of Kate, it is good to see her back in form. She had been slipping a bit as of late. A few messy appearances and photo shoots had us worried about her long term future.

Thanks to these new photos we can all rest easy knowing that Kate has a few more good years in her.

Kate-Upton-Sam-Edelman-Photos (3)

Kate-Upton-Sam-Edelman-Photos (1)

Kate-Upton-Sam-Edelman-Photos (4)

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