Ed Reed Belts Eddie Money’s “Two Tickets To Paradise” At Ravens Rally [VIDEO]

We never really pegged Ed Reed for much of a singer, and when he took the stage at the Ravens send off rally our suspicions were confirmed. The hard-hitting safety belted out lyrics from the Eddie Money classic ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’.

Throngs of people in purple and black were going nuts. One guy came up from Ocean City, MD (139 miles). Another guy claimed to drive 200+ miles with his kids to be there.

How were they rewarded? Well, the Ravens cheerleaders put on a hell of a show, Ray Lewis gave another lame, passionate speech and Ed Reed sang a pretty poor rendition of the Eddie Money hit.

Actually, maybe my distaste for Reed’s singing comes from that horrendous Geico ad that seems to come on my TV during every commercial break.

Ed Reed belts out the lyric at around the 2:03 mark, but first check out some of the screencaps from the Ravens clientele who were in attendance.

Ravens-Fan-Screencap (4)

Ravens-Fan-Screencap (2)

Ravens-Fan-Screencap (3)

Ravens-Fan-Screencap (5)

Ravens-Fan-Screencap (1)

Yep, Joe Flacco is definitely the best quarterback in NFL history. Sweet sign, brah.

[h/t WBAL-11 YouTube]

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