Brent Musburger & Katherine Webb Finally Meet At West Virginia & More Screencapping Fun!

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Kudos to West Virginia students @ZachSmick & @shannonman132 for finally getting Brent Musburger and Katherine Webb together at last night’s game against Kansas. Of course Musburger was on he mic. No word if he asked to take the Webb cutout back to Montana, or wherever he’s wintering.

Kansas picked up a tough road victory, beating WVU, 61-56.

Is there a better 73-year-old sports broadcaster than Musburger? The guy still has a finger on the pulse of pop culture and doesn’t mind pointing out hot chicks in the crowd. He’s the coolest grandpa sport has ever known.


In other ESPN news:


Super Bowl Twitpics:

Um, no way those cases are filled. It’s starting to feel like the steroid era for grocery display artists. I’m an old school guy. I want my displays to be filled with beer or pop cans.

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And we have our first Super Bowl controversy. Joe Flacco used “retarded” when answering question about a cold weather Super Bowl (New Jersey in 2014). The NY Post pounced.

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Finally, the best time to do some gardening work in Australia.

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