Paulina Gretzky Now Using Golf Channel Screencaps On Her Instagram Account [PHOTOS]

Since all of you were probably so enthralled with the Pro Bowl this weekend you may have missed the fact that there was some intense PGA action at Torrey Pines.

The Farmers Insurance Open saw a resurgent Tiger Woods (leading at -17 heading into Monday’s finale), a disappointing Dustin Johnson (tied for 42nd at -1) and a Paulina Gretzky sighting.

That’s right, Paulina put up with some pretty horrendous weather conditions to see her man suck it up in San Diego. Wind, rain and temperatures in the 50s couldn’t even detract her. Something tells us she’ll pressure Dustin into another Hawaii trip sooner rather than later.

The best part about this whole ordeal is that the photo Paulina posted to her Instagram account was taken from a screencap of the TV coverage. That means Paulina either sought this image out online or went home to her DVR and watched tirelessly until she saw her beautiful mug on the CBS cameras.

The evidence.

Just how much of an attraction was Paulina at Torrey Pines? Lobshots was reporting that she was signing autographs and posing for photos with some lucky fans.

She wrapped up her weekend in San Diego by posting a photo just to remind us how much better her life is than any of ours.

[h/t Lobshots, Instagram]

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Paulina Gretzky-Dustin Johnson Update: Poolside Bikini Photo Time!
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