Bro, You Didn’t Stick That X Games Snowmobile Landing; Caleb Moore Has ‘Brain Complication’ [VIDEO]

Meet Caleb Moore. He’s an X Games bro who likes to flip a snowmobile on ESPN while some drink company pays him a salary to risk his life for some stupid gold medal.

That means he has to pull off knarly backflips, grabs, etc. That also means he’s always taking the chance that a snowmobile will land on him and cause paralysis.

Then this happens. YOLO, right?

According to the Denver Post:

Freestyle snowmobile athlete Caleb Moore remains in intensive care Sunday with heart problems and now a brain complication after a horrible crash Thursday night in the Winter X Games.

Moore, 25, under-rotated a backflip during the timed competition and was thrown from his sled. The 450-pound snowmobile hit him as he tumbled down the landing. He eventually walked away from the crash and was taken to Aspen Valley Hospital after briefly being knocked unconscious.

Caleb hasn’t tweeted since the crash. Dude isn’t doing so well.


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