Amazing Pro Bowl Fan Fight Included Cops Not Looking To Rumble [VIDEO]

2013’s Pro Bowl brought us yet another snoozer with the NFC winning 62-35. Although I can’t speak for the action on the field since I didn’t watch a single play, I can confirm that this fan fight would have been worth the price of admission alone.

There is very little evidence to point us towards what may have caused this brawl to ensue. There are a few snap judgements we had upon multiple viewings:

  1. Andre Johnson jersey guy was the aggressor.
  2. Tebow jersey guy, in true Teow fashion, got out of there…fast.
  3. The cops on the field wanted NOTHING to do with this fight.
  4. Even the players were paying more attention to the fight than the game.

And just how douchey were the guys filming this? Around the 1:45 mark he offers his video footage up to the Hawaiian cops, thereby snitching on Andre Johnson jersey guy:

Hey, I got epic video of that. If you guys need surveillance I got epic video of that.

Cool, bro.

[h/t Kissing Suzy Kolber]

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