LeSean McCoy & Baby Mama Have Epic Twitter Feud

Shady McCoy Twitter Fight Lead

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Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean “Shady” McCoy could easily be at the Pro Bowl this weekend, just like he was last season, if a concussion, a patchwork offensive line and Andy Reid’s pass-heavy play calling hadn’t helped keep his numbers down.

Well, instead of hanging in Hawaii, Shady McCoy (@CutonDime25) spent late Saturday night and early Sunday morning in Puerto Rico feuding with his Baby Mama (@Angelface0330) over Twitter. The two parents of LeSean McCoy Jr. fired off tweets at each other for hours. It seems to have started when McCoy said ‘Steph’ lied about birth control:

Shady McCoy  Twitter Fight 1

Shady McCoy  Twitter Fight 2

Then, after some back and forth about responsibilities, Steph alleged that McCoy’s friend ‘VAR’ was doing some work on Shady’s current GF….uh oh:

Shady McCoy Twitter Fight 0

Next, Steph went jugular on McCoy, calling out his manhood, his sexual performance and dropping other allegations, including one that his current girl is sending people pictures of Shady’s junk (and not in a good way).

Shady McCoy  Twitter Fight 4

And she backed it up with a text message. Just, wow.

Shady McCoy  Twitter Fight 6

So, McCoy told the Twitterverse to tell Steph to “to get a job n stop begging for child support money she a BUM needs me to LIVE sad!!!”

Shady McCoy Twitter FIght FInal

Of course, McCoy’s followers jumped into the beef.

Shady McCoy  Twitter Fight 9

McCoy rubbed it in a bit more, even though Steph was taking the time to tweet her side back to the masses who were hammering her on Twitter.

Shady McCoy  Twitter Fight 7

After some more fireworks, McCoy decided it was a good time to call it a night and enjoy his vacation.

Shady McCoy  Twitter Fight 8

Social media is a hell of a platform.

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