Hot School Lunch Lady Tella Toney Wants To Be A Colts Cheerleader

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Your high school lunch ladies probably looked more like NFL linemen than NFL cheerleaders. Maybe you should have grown up in Huntingburg, Ind. That’s where Southridge High School lunch lady Tella Toney has entered an online contest to become a cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts.

Toney, 20, who normally doles out tater tots and no-bake cookies, considers the cheering gig pretty much a dream job. She’s one of 62 women who are part of an online contest at Toney is ahead of the field by a few thousand votes as of this writing.

The top 10 vote-getters in the contest will be invited to audition for the Colts cheerleading team in March. You can vote here.

While the best NFL cheerleaders are at the Pro Bowl, the Colts are just one of many NFL teams already grooming another crop of super fit babes sans muffin tops to high kick on the sidelines next season. Toney, who has prior cheerleading experience, had to upload pictures on which judges and the fans vote. We bet those judges have been busy “deciding” on a nightly basis.

We’ve scoured the internet for pics of Toney and came up with those included in the gallery below. She’s a pretty solid candidate, but it’s also an impressive field. We trust that you’ll make an informed voting decision.

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