Villanova Upsets Syracuse Without Any NovaBoobs

Nova Non Boobs

You’re doing it wrong, ladies… Unranked Villanova pulled off its second big upset this week by beating third-ranked Syracuse, 75-71 in overtime on Saturday. Syracuse led Villanova by three points late, when Orange head coach Jim Boeheim decided not to foul, allowing Ryan Arcidiacono’s 3-point shot to tie the game with 2.2 seconds left in regulation. The Wildcats’ James Bell hit two straight 3s in the extra session to help give Villanova the victory.

The Wildcats also knocked off No. 5 Louisville on Tuesday. Saturday’s win caused Nova Nation to storm their home-away-from-home court at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia for the second time in five days.

The big shocker: Both ‘Nova wins came without the help of any tweets of support to the @NovaBoobs profile. It’s a Catholic school and all, but you’d think some Main Line babe would have knocked back enough Red Bull and vodkas at the pregame tailgate to have sent a few selfies in support of coach Jay Wright and Co.

@CuseBoobs is not faring much better, so to speak. There have only been a few CuseBoobs tweets for the Orange, like this one:

Cuse Boobs 1

Maybe this is why the Big East is ready to implode as a conference? The Big 12 schools don’t have these sort of problems.

[Video: @mikencueCSN]

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