UFC Fighter Ricardo Lamas Turns Erik Koch Into Bloody Mess — Updated w/ [PHOTO]

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Erik Koch took on Ricardo Llamas in a Featherweight bout on the undercard of UFC on Fox 6 at the United Center in Chicago on Saturday night. After a fairly quiet first round, Lamas registered a takedown on Koch in the second. Once Lamas got on top of Koch and started hammering away with elbows, he turned Koch’s face into ground chuck, scoring a TKO and ruining the Saturday night dinners of millions of TV viewers. Video below (WARNING: Graphic violence and gore):


After enough blood poured from Koch, the referee waived off the fight, giving Lamas a huge victory and perhaps saving Koch’s life.

Before the fight, all tweeters could text about was Erik Koch’s orange glow from his fake bake bronzing.

Afterward, it was a different story.

Once Dana White and the medical personnel get a look at Erik Koch, we’re sure we’ll get an update on his condition.

*UPDATE: Koch is ok, but he’s looked better.

Erik Koch Eye Face


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