For Once, LeBron Doesn’t Show Fake Emotion After Guy Drills $75,000 Halfcourt Hook Shot [VIDEO]


How did LeBron James react last night when some guy hit a halfcourt hook shot to win $75,000? Like you did, minus running to halfcourt to tackle the guy who hit the shot.

We’re so used to fake emotion from LeBron that this finally doesn’t feel fake. This feels legitimate. He’s finally not following the lead of Kevin Durant when it comes to fan interaction. Remember when Durant would play flag football with college students? Suddenly LeBron wanted to play Durant in flag football.

And they did play.

Remember the fake hipster glasses during postgame news conferences? Remember when LeBron was a fake heal? Remember the fake Miami act during the Wade, Bosh, James introduction a couple years ago?

Last night might’ve been the first time LeBron has acted real on TV since he arrived in Miami. It’s actually refreshing.

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