Bulls Fan Gets Catfished By Dude Claiming To Be Manti’s Girlfriend & More Screencapping Fun!


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Kudos to these guys for keeping the Manti story alive last night at the Bulls game. Helluva sign, boys. The big news this morning in the Te’o case is that Ronaiah Tuiasosopo will sit with Dr. Phil for a tell-all. Cannot wait for this one. Daytime TV talk shows are on fire. Barbara Walters used to get these interviews for 20/20. Now you have to set your DVR to catch the Noon Dr. Phil.

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This is some bullshit. What does Millard Fillmore have to do to get some respect from the Nats? Ridiculous.


Nope, that’s not Alex Smith. Try again. It’s an Alex, though.




This isn’t a joke. Horse owners in the Baltimore region are using purple tape on their horses to get in the Super Bowl spirit. How big is the NFL and the Super Bowl? Fairly big.

Meet Sam.

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That’s supposed to be a Ray Lewis snowman. The face looks about right.

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Meanwhile, in New York, Revis just became the Post’s new backpage hero. $100M? In a passing league where corners aren’t allowed to touch receivers? That’s funny.

Picture 5

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