TNT Halftime Crew Rips Charles Barkley & His Feminine Ways [VIDEO]


During the second game of last nights NBA doubleheader on TNT, the halftime crew once again proved why they are the best.

Right before they switched from the game broadcast to the studio, Charles Barkley (who was providing color commentary) made an announcement that he in fact gets his eyebrows done. He also added that there “ai’nt no shame in my game.”

You can’t give the TNT halftime crew of Shaq, Kenny Smith and Chris Webber that type of opening. Instead of analyzing the Suns-Clippers game, the crew went on a 5+ minute spree of just ripping Chuck. And it was awesome.

Watch the full video above, but here are some screen caps, including Shaq getting his eyebrows done, Webber wearing lip gloss and Kenny getting a manicure.

TNT Halftime Show Kenny

TNT Halftime Show Shaq

TNT Halftime Show Webber

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