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The Best ESPN Haircut At The X-Games Award Goes To This Guy & Screencapping Fun!

A guy (@AuthorityBarber) with zero Twitter followers sent out this haircut photos 27 times over the last 24 hours, which tells us he really wants the Internet to see this ESPN X-Games haircut. Please tell us that is Skip Bayless.

As for Shaun White’s night on Slopestyle, he struggled, and finished 7th in qualifying; only the top 8 qualified for the medal round. Are we watching the end for the Flying Tomato? Will he stop competing and just make video games?

In college basketball news, someone is a little fired up.


Say what? Is that what you’ll need to do? Color me shocked.


Odds & Ends:


Picture 5

Finally, the new logo in New Orleans. It’s so East Coach Hockey-like.


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