Gronk Already Panty Dropping Tampa Smokeshows



Look at Gronk making grandma remember her 20s when she used to shake her ass at University of Florida bars. He has always had a thing for the chicks with big boobs. So that’s our hero this week at Tampa International, beginning what we think will be another insane offseason.

You might remember that Gronk bought a house in Tampa that sits on the water inside a gated yacht community (PHOTOS). This place is about to be ground zero for epic nights of chicks covered in whipped cream and so much sex that we expect his neighbors will be calling TMZ by March 1. You don’t throw The Jizz Blasters into a $1.6 million house and figure the shenanigans will stop because Gronk has a fancy fish tank.

To the contrary.

What did Gronk do six hours after landing in Tampa? He went straight to a bar with some bros. The cast doesn’t seem to affect his drinking hand.

Ladies of Tampa:

It is your goal this year to party at Casa de Gronk. We want full reports on the Mardi Gras party. We want a full report on the Presidents Day party. We MUST HAVE a full report on the St. Patty’s Day bash. Spring Break Week. Naked Week. You name the party, we want to live our lives vicariously through your stories.

[via @ajaynedawg]

Picture 5


Asking her if she’d like to see his NFL contract.

Picture 7

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