Falcons Fans Beat 49ers Fan During NFC Championship Postgame Fight [VIDEO]


After the NFC Championship game ended last week we just knew there had to be some golden fight footage. You had two passionate and aggressive (we’re looking at you, San Francisco) fan-bases in a game that was beyond heated on the field.

Sure we had the story about the fan getting stabbed in the throat after the game, but good fight footage was extremely hard to come by. Until now.

According to YouTube uploader TRENDZ305:

Atlanta falcons fans beat up a 49ers fan at home game

Pretty casual way to describe one of the more brutal beat-downs we’ve seen this NFL season. The poor guy was getting wailed on for :30 seconds with little to no help from other fans or police.

Biggest d-bag in the video? The guy in the white pants at the :27 second mark who comes out of nowhere with a jump-punch combo we haven’t seen since Mortal Kombat. Only in Atlanta.

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