This Moron Was An Academic All-American – Seriously? [VIDEO]

I sorta tried to be fair to this guy. Sorta. But the fairness is over. These 40-seconds from the Katie Couric interview with Manti Te’o will forever confuse me. How again do you not realize you’ve been hoaxed until the Deadspin post comes out?

“Oh, but he’s saying he didn’t realize it was a man pretending to be Lennay.”

“He wasn’t fully convinced that Lennay didn’t ever exist until receiving a phone call and DM on January 16th.”

Those are actual excuses for Manti given to me on Twitter. These are excuses given to me for a guy who is an academic All-American at Notre Dame. We’re not talking about a linebacker at Northern Illinois. The guy has a Notre Dame education and he didn’t realize he’d been hoaxed until Deadspin pushed publish?

So you just go home on Christmas and tell your family that Lennay is alive and that it’s all not a giant hoax? You talk with Notre Dame officials on December 27 and don’t come to the conclusion that it was a hoax?

Listen to this clip. Tell me this guy isn’t the dumbest academic All-American in college football history.

“The same day that everyone else found out about this situation, I found out.”


Your reality from December 6 to January 16 was that she was dead then alive? And you didn’t know it was a prank until Deadspin wrote about it?

Notre Dame’s investigators couldn’t tell you it was a prank? Jack Swarbrick, whom some call a genius, didn’t tell you it was a prank? Your parents didn’t sit you down and say it was a prank? Deadspin was the one to tell you it was a prank?

Oh, Manti.