Johnny Manziel Kills Multiple Ducks In Arkansas [PHOTO]

Johnny Manziel Duck Hunt

Over the past year we, along with everyone else, have been all about Johnny Football. The guy was impossible to dislike. Between his on-field talent and his off-field exploits he was a sports bloggers dream. This photo, recently posted, cements his place amongst college football folklore.

Manziel tweeted yesterday that he was heading up to Arkansas to do a little hunting with his old man:

Johnny Manziel Duck Hunt Tweet

Although it’s tough to tell the exact amount of mallards they mowed down we’re willing to guess its¬†somewhere¬†in the 5-7 range. Not a bad outing, but consider the fact that fellow-SEC quarterback Aaron Murray went hog hunting the other day and came back empty handed.

Hunting, just another thing Johnny Manziel is better at than Aaron Murray.

He even got into some discussion with Bubba Watson and Jase & Willie Robertson (from A&E’s Duck Dynasty). One tweet is below but check out the full conversation here.

Johnny Manziel Duck Hunt Tweet (2)

[h/t JManziel2 Instagram]