Colton Orr Closes Deryk Engelland’s Eye Via Long Brawl Last Night In Pittsburgh [VIDEO]


The Maple Leafs’ Colton Orr and Pittsbugh’s Deryk Engelland renewed their pugilistic rivalry last night with one of the better fights in the history of this relationship. You might remember back in 2010 when Engelland knocked out Orr with a single punch to Orr’s face that left the fighter with concussion issues.

Last night it was Orr’s turn to work on Engelland’s face in a marathon brawl where neither fighter wanted the fun to end. Orr only played in 5 NHL games during the 2011-12 season so this was his comeback party. According to, these two have been fighting since 2000 in the Western Hockey League.

The love continues.

In case you care, Toronto won, 5-2.


Maybe Orr had extra motivation to close Engelland’s eye. This happened during warmups. (via @mlse)



As for that infamous 2010 Orr-Engelland fight…