Canes Fan Sneaks ‘Nevin & NCAA Are Rats’ Sign Past Miami-Duke Security & More Screencapping Fun!

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What did we learn last night about college basketball? The sport is having a bad year. Of course you guys love watching Duke lose by 27, but that’s not good for the sport. What you need is a semi-dominant team that holds the #1 spot for 7 weeks or so and then goes on the road to get beat.

Louisville tried…and failed. Duke had the #1 spot for four weeks…and lost. Indiana tried for a few weeks, lost and now are #7. Michigan will be your new #1, if they don’t lose this week, it’ll be the first time the Wolverines have been in that spot in 20 years, 1 month & 22 days (via @darrenrovell)

Meanwhile, in NFL news, ESPN nailed this one.


When did Edmonton steal Calgary’s logo? (via @RealAndrewMeyer)


See, we can pick on the NBC Sports Network, too. Columbus going with the classic Columbus nickname?

Picture 5

As for your morning Jerry Sloan update, is this guy the biggest man slut in Utah or what? Jerry’s button-up shirt game is unmatched in the Mormon state.


In Australia, that’s Victoria Azarenka’s boyfriend, Redfoo of LMFAO, watching his woman beat Sloane Stephens to reach the Australian Open finals.


Finally, a great NY Post cover to get your morning rolling.

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