Bill Self’s Twitter Game Rivals That Of A 13-Year-Old Girl

Bill Self Tweet (1)

For some reason I follow Kansas head coach Bill Self on Twitter. Don’t ask me why, I, along with 62,000 other people, just do. Today while scanning my timeline I stumbled across the above tweet and did a serious double-take.

In one of the most hard-to-read tweets I’ve seen from anyone over the age of 12, Bill Self is congratulating former Jayhawk Mario Chalmers on the fact that his jersey is being retired at KU. Here were the first two responses:

Bill Self Tweet Response

Apparently Self got the message and posted a rebuttal about a half hour later:

Bill Self Tweet (2)

Now by no means is this one a grammatical masterpiece, but it is definitely an improvement.

Kansas fans were probably so pumped to see him crawling out of the Twitter cracks after such a long hiatus. However, seeing all of this backlash don’t be surprised if Self falls right back into Twitter hibernation for another few months.