NESN Fail: L.A. Kings Sold To Seattle [PHOTO]


NESN Kings Fail

We get that they are in the same state and have similar color schemes, but these L.A. Kings/Sacramento Kings mishaps are really starting to get bad. What you are looking at is the bottom line of a NESN broadcast in which they report that the “L.A. Kings owners agree to sell team to Seattle”.

Although there are probably a lot of people in Seattle who would be delighted to have an NHL team, we find it very unlikely that last years’ Stanley Cup Champions are jumping ship. This NESN intern probably got fired so quickly and honestly, he/she kind of deserves it.

Remember last year when the Kings/Kings mix-ups were all the rage? Local L.A. news stations couldn’t even figure it out.

This fail is even more embarrassing because of who caught it. The Twitter account that noticed the blunder was none other than Bailey, the L.A. Kings mascot.

NESN Kings Fail Tweet

When interns are getting out-dueled by mascots it’s not a good sign for that kids future in sports broadcasting.

NESN Kings Fail Tweet 2

[h/t @BaileyLAKings]

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