KU Boobs Update: Kansas vs. Kansas State Game Edition [PHOTOS]


KU-Boobs-Update (5)

Last night was one of the biggest games on the 2013 Kansas basketball schedule. Kansas vs. Kansas State is one of those special rivalries in college basketball so you just knew that the crew over at @KUboobs was going to have something good up their sleeves.

The Jayhawks went on the road to Manhattan and beat KSU, 59-55, in a game that was tight from start to finish. In the hours leading up to tip-off and all throughout the game, @KUboobs took care of business and posted eight brand new photos.

Remember when we ran our best of #KUboobs post a few weeks ago? In that post we called out all the other schools who for one reason or another didn’t have their own ‘boobs’ account.

Since that post went live, countless other schools have taken our advice and opened up their own accounts. All the kids at Cincinnati (@UCboobs1), Kansas State (@KSU_Boobs1), Florida (@Gatorboobs) and more can thank BC for nudging their schools in the right direction.

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