Johnny Manziel Returns To Being Normal College Student W/Forehead Acne [PHOTOS]



Johnny Manziel seems to finally be toning things down. Texas A&M brass went on the record telling Manziel that he needed to grow up, and it appears after months of partying and hanging out with celebrities Manziel has finally gotten the message. He was spotted at two places recently, and no they weren’t bars, clubs or NBA arenas.

Manziel was posing for photos at the Texas A&M bookstore and at a local Best Buy. Two things of note from the photo above, the first being confirmation that he is still dating Sarah Savage. The second? The swagged out Heisman pullover he shamelessly wears around College Station. Such a baller.

Johnny-Manziel-Book-Store (1)

Now some pundits are going to take these photos as acts of the ‘New Johnny Football’, a calmer, more focused player. We’ll take them for what they are: Manziel out of his element, doing things he has to do, not what he wants to do. We give it a week before we spot any new party  photos of the legend surfacing.

Johnny-Manziel-Book-Store (2)

Johnny-Manziel-Book-Store (3)

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