Jennifer Capriati In Twitter War After Sloane Stephens Beats Serena Williams

Former world No. 1 women’s tennis player — and two-time Australian Open champ — Jennifer Capriati took to Twitter late last night to offer congratulations to Sloane Stephens, who upset Serena Williams in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open on Wednesday. Stephens, 19, beating Williams, 31, was a big deal because Serena had returned to the top of women’s tennis in 2012 by winning Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and the Olympic gold medal.

Unfortunately for Capriati, Twitter users saw this tweet and freaked out.

See, even with the “lol,” it seemed to many Twitter followers that Capriati was happy Serena Williams lost. Of course, people used Twitter to hold an informed discussion on the topic and kept a dignified tone. Nah, just kidding; people hammered Capriati.

And there were more posts like that. For non-fans, Capriati, who turned pro in 1990 at age 13, had substantial issues during her career, including arrests on shoplifting and drug possession and a rehab stint while in her prime. She also had an alleged overdose of prescription drugs in 2010. There were additional mentions of that behavior after her tweet, and the backlash caused Capriati to meltdown a bit on Twitter.

On the bright side, Capriati did get to see the BCS title game earlier this month (she rooted for ‘Bama), and she’s going to the Super Bowl next week. She may want to avoid tweeting about that game.

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