Brother Favre? Brett & BYU 4-Star Recruit Missionary Talk Football & Church In Mississippi



That’s BYU 4-star defensive end recruit Troy Hinds and NFL legend Brett Favre in some Mississippi garage where Hinds did his Mormon missionary duty by tracking down the Gunslinger for a conversion. It’s been about 10 days since we last spotted Favre doing church work by firing dodgeballs at opponents in some Baptist church tourney.

Now comes word that Hinds (6-5, 23rd rated DE in 2012 by had a meeting. Is this a sign from God? Is Favre converting and thinking about taking on extra wives?

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Hinds has since deleted, or changed, his Twitter account name, but our friends at Vanquish The Foe fill in the details on the Troy Hinds-Favre meeting.

Brett Favre is not the new Steve Martin. Let’s not start any Favre is LDS rumors. Troy was able to meet him and chat football and church. :)

— Desmond Hinds (@DesmondHinds2) January 23, 2013

That’s sad news.

How great would a Brett Favre Sister Wives be? Imagine Favre managing Deanna and four sorority-like Mormons as they try to avoid the Mormon Sheriff Department and keep their family together through sexting scandals.

Ratings gold.

(Want to watch a Hinds highlight video? He’s #44.)

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