Aida Yespica Enjoying Miami While We Freeze Our Asses Off [33 PHOTOS]



Rob’s in New York, I’m in Ohio and Kevin the Intern is in Indiana. For some stupid reason we haven’t relocated the BC offices to a more sensible location like Miami. Just think of all the work we’d get done when there are chicks like Aida Yespica this week, once known as the Hottest WAG in the World, strolling Miami Beach.

This is exactly why our asses haven’t moved to Miami.

As for Yespica, I have exactly no idea what this chick does for a living or what guy is paying her American Express card, but she is literally on the same beach chair at least once every two months.

Then, she’ll give one word Twitter updates (@Aidayespica27) ranging from, “Miami” to “Milano.” It’s a tough life for a bikini chick. Her biggest issue throughout the day is avoiding tan lines.

[Images via NS4W]

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