2013 NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleader Photo Roundup



What’s the big payoff for NFL cheerleaders? Being a Pro Bowl cheerleader. It’s a paid Hawaiian trip to grab some sun before going back to outposts like Cincy, Indy, Buffalo and Nashville.

There is probably a good portion of you guys that have forgotten that the Pro Bowl is being held this Sunday in Hawaii. It has become three hours of some of the most boring, meaningless football one could ever watch. There is literally only one thing that keeps us interested and it is the cheerleaders.

The best cheerleaders from each respective squad are chosen and flown out to Hawaii for the big game. When they aren’t in their skimpy uniforms they are usually rocking a bikini or a sundress. There are bar nights, beach days and photoshoots galore which the girls document for us on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

We did all the legwork and pulled 39 behind the scenes photos of the cheerleaders’ experience in Hawaii this week. Trust us when we say this is the most entertainment value you get out of the Pro Bowl.

[Images via Topsy and Webstagram] [h/t @NFLCheerRT]

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