TV Station Now Calling Winnipeg’s NHL Team The Jerts & More Screencapping Fun!!


morning twitpics

You know it’s a slow sports night when Jerts vs. Bruins leads Morning Twitpics. I’m also leading with this one to make BC Assistant Editor Robert Xavier feel good for texting it to me last night.

Did an intern at this local TV station get canned? Of course. How offensive to our Canadian friends to disparage one of their hockey teams.

As for your NY Post covers, again a slow sports day. Brooklyn vs. the Knicks means so little outside of the Manhattan media world.

Picture 5

In Manti Te’o news, Twitter users are angry over ESPN’s coverage. We sorta understand why they’d be pissed. Manti was a great pre-AFC/NFC Championship story. The 15 minutes are up.


Meanwhile, in Ottawa, twins. Told you it was a slow sports night.

Picture 6


(via @BizNasty2point0)

Finally, fat Philly fan and his giant head cutout. I told you it was a slow night in sports.


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