A Young Jim Harbaugh Putting His Fist Through An Overhead Projector At A Coaches Clinic [VIDEO]


Since you guys can’t get enough of the Harbaugh brothers and their story of overcoming living in the streets with doper parents who nearly lost the boys to child services before pulling their lives together and raising productive citizens, we give you this video.

Wait, what?

You mean to tell me the Harbaughs are like the poster family for American values?

John and Jim’s father, Jack, used to make the family answer “Who has it better than us?” Are you kidding me?  Here we thought John and Jim’s parents were doper, Wicca practicing hippies.

Anyway, fast-forward to the 27:00 mark when Jim gets really excited at this coaches clinic and puts his fist through an overhead projector.

And this is when he was just some worthless head coach at the University of San Diego.

[via EDSBS]

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