50 Best Photos Of Jasmine Waltz – Girlfriend Of Michael Phelps



Michael Phelps, last seen at Sunday’s AFC Championship game with his perfected douchebag look, is allegedly dating “notorious star f–ker” Jasmine Waltz, according to our friends at Hollywood Scoop.

The gossip hounds say this relationship is in the early stages which we assume means they’re just having sex when he’s not chasing the Ravens during the playoffs.

Apparently Michael met Jasmine recently and the two have been reportedly hooking up. “They’ve been hooking up for weeks,” a source tells Hollyscoop, adding that its just about sex.

Waltz, known for sleeping with whatever guy in Hollywood will sleep with her, is also known because she has a sweet weed leaf tramp stamp. Waltz has also had small roles in a wide variety of terrible TV shows and low budget movies that you’ve never heard of.

Oh, and she has her own sex tape (NSFW – PROCEED WITH CAUTION).

It seems that Phelps is gliding into retirement without a care in the world. He’s been playing poker, getting hammered and going through women like a fat kid going through pizza boxes.

[Images via jazzywaltz Instagram]

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