49ers Stripper Jenna Pallis Is Back With Super Bowl Celebration Videos


We decided to check back in with our favorite 49ers stripper this morning after their big win over the weekend. For those that missed it last time, Jenna usually does a quick pep talk in some sort of 49ers apparel prior to doing an exclusive pole dance for all her fans.

This weekend she did a video during the third quarter (featured above), with the 49ers down 24-21, you know to motivate them and get them back on track. This time she even busted out the pompoms and did a short cheer routine!

I think we need my pom poms if we’re going to turn this game around. So, go San Francisco! Go Kaepernick! Go Davis and go Gore! We need to win this game against Atlanta. Go San Francisco! And now I need to do a dance so we can win.

Apparently her cheer/pole-dance worked, because as you know SF went on to win 28-24. Check out her post-game celebration video below, which features her popping bottles and promises for exclusive photos. Go Niners!
[h/t Jenna Pallis YouTube Channel]

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