Bill Belichick Being A Prick To CBS Is Great For The NFL; Shannon Sharpe Butthurt [VIDEO]


Should Bill Belichick feel bad for not doing an interview with CBS sideline reporter Steve Tasker after losing the AFC Championship. Not one bit. There’s nothing contractual that says the losing coach has to give 3-4 cliches in some tunnel so CBS can dissect his emotions.

As for those of you ripping Belichick for not talking, you’re probably the same guys who hate halftime interviews with coaches.

You can’t have it both ways.

As for Belichick being an arrogant asshole who can’t be graceful in defeat, isn’t this good for the NFL? Deep down you guys like a heal. It’s good for the sport and continues to give the league storylines that makes your blood boil.

Good for Hoodie and good for Sharpe. This is the kind of off-field drama that continues to pay our bills.

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